ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor

Used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor

ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor APPLICATION

ACSR is available in a range of steel contents ranging from 6% to 40% for additional strength. The higher strength ACSR conductors are commonly used for river crossings, overhead earth wires, and installations involving extra-long spans.

The ACSR conductor can against any given resistance, be manufactured to different tensile strengths, so a high tensile strength combined with its lightweight properties means it can cover longer distances with fewer supports. Due to the greater diameter of the ACSR conductor, a much higher corona limit can be obtained which is advantageous on high and extra-high voltage overhead lines.

With simple structure, the aluminium conductor steel reinforced is easy to set up and maintain, with low cost and high power transmission capacity. It is advantageous for the ACSR to be put up across a valley or river or under other various special geographic conditions.

The advantages of ACSR are sound electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, high tensile strength etc. It is used for power transmission lines with various voltage levels and plays an important role in the electricity transmission field.

ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor CONSTRUCTION

Conductor Hard Drawn Aluminium: IEC 60889 AL1 and Zinc coated steel wire as per IEC 50189 with the class and grade in accordance with ST1A, ST5E and ST6C

ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor STANDARDS


BS215 part2,

ASTM B232,


BS EN50182

CSA C49,

JIS C3109


ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor

Code Words:

Grouse, Petrel, Minorca, Guinea, Dorking, Cochin, Dotterel, Leghorn, Egret, Redwing, Mallard, Finch, Grackle, Pheasant, Martin, Falcon, Chukar, Ruddy, Canary, Bluebird, Turkey, Swan, Sparrow, Robin, Raven, Quail, Pigeon, Penguin, Swanate, Sparate, Waxwing, Merlin, Chickadee, Pelican, Osprey, Kingbird, Swift, Coot, Brant, Flicker, Parakeet, Peacock, Rook, Flamingo, Stilt, Partridge, Ostrich, Linnet, Ibis, Hawk, Dove, Squab, Grosbeak, Gannet, Starling, Drake, Oriole, Lark, Hen, Eagle, Wood Duck, Scoter, Tern, Rail, Ortolan, Bluejay, Bunting, Bittern, Bobolink, Lapwing, Condor, Cardinal, Curlew, Kiwi, Teal, Dipper

Turkey Condor Mole 16 16/2.5
Swan Cuckoo Squirrel 25 25/4
Swanate Drake Gopher 40 35/6
Sparrow Coot Weasel 63 44/32
Sparate Mallard Fox 100 50/8
Robin Ruddy Ferret 125 50/30
Raven Canary Rabbit 160 70/12
Quail Rail Mink 200 95/15
Pigeon Catbird Skunk 250 95/55
Waxwing Cardinal Beaver 315 105/75
Partridge Ortlan Horse 400 120/20
Ostrich Tanger Racoon 450 120/70
Merlin Curlew Otter 500 125/30
Linnet Bluejay Cat 560 150/25
Oriole Finch Hare 630 170/40
Chickadee Bunting Dog 710 185/30
Brant Grackle Hyena 800 210/35
Ibis Bittern Leopard 900 210/50
Lark Pheasant Coyote 1000 230/30
Pelican Skylark Cougar 1120 240/40
Flicker Dipper Tiger 1250 265/35
Hawk Martin Wolf 300/50
Hen Bobolink Dingo 305/40
Osprey Plover Lynx 340/30
Parakeet Nuthatch Caracal 380/50
Dove Parrot Panther 385/35
Eagle Lapwing Lion 435/55
Peacock Falcon Bear 450/40
Squab Grouse Goat 490/65
Wood Duck Petrel Sheep 495/35
Teal Minorca Antelope 510/45
Kingbird Leghorn Bison 550/70
Rook Guinea Jaguar 560/50
Grosbeak Dotterel Deer 570/40
Scoter Dorking Zebra 650/45
Egret Brahma Elk 680/85
Swift Cochin Camel 1045/45
Starling Moose


Code name Nominal

Al. Area






area of













at 20

mm2 Al. Steel mm2 mm2 mm daN /km
Mole 10 6/1.50 1/1.50 10.52 4.5 43 414 2.706
Squirrel 20 6/2.11 1/2.11 20.94 6.33 85 788 1.368
Gopher 25 6/2.36 1/2.36 26.24 7.08 106 961 1.093
Weasel 30 6/2.59 1/2.59 31.61 7.77 128 1146 0.9077
Fox 35 6/2.79 1/2.79 36.66 8.37 149 1320 0.7822
Ferret 40 6/3.00 1/3.00 42.41 9 172 1520 0.6766
Rabbit 50 6/3.35 1/3.35 52.88 10.05 214 1835 0.5426
Mink 60 6/3.66 1/3.66 63.18 10.98 255 2180 0.4545
Shunk 60 12/2.59 7/2.59 63.27 12.95 465 5300 0.4567
Beaver 70 6/3.99 1/3.99 74.82 11.97 302 2570 0.3825
Horse 70 12/2.79 7/2.79 73.37 13.95 538 6120 0.3936
Racoon 75 6/4.10 1/4.10 79.2 12.3 320 2720 0.3622

Note: This is just part of the standard parameters of our products. Please contact our Engineer if you need more. And the information contained within this webpage is for guidance only and is subject to change without notice or liability. All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary. All the information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication.


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