Welding Cable Introduction

What is welding cable? Welding Cable, so-called welding lead, is intended for supplying power to an electrode in an electrical arc welding application. It is a specially designed metal rod, that conducts a charge. The charge carried by the electrode is required to make an electric arc, that heat sources, between the electrode and the metals or other welding materials, being welded. welding cable usually is the electrical cable to carrying welding current. Welding cables are specially designed cable for use in secondary ... Read more

Reeling, Festooning, Spreader, Material Handling Cable Solution

Reeling, Festooning, Spreader, Material Handling Cable Solution Introduction Hybird Resources offers a complete range of material handling cables, including festoon cables, vertical-hoisting spreader cables, reeling cables and a wide choice of energy and data cables. Our cable offers high tensile strength, flexibility, and perennial wear-resistance. New anti-torsion polyester braids increase stability and minimize twisting. Moreover, a second sheath bonded with a third one gives our cables unsurpassed mechanical and chemical properties, including elongation at break, and resistance to abrasion, ultraviolet rays, and ozone. Our ... Read more