Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC

Aerial Bundled Conductor(ABC) cable as a new-type aerial cable is used for overhead electric power transmission, extensively used in rebuilding of urban and forest region electrified wire netting. It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Application

The aerial bundled cables(ABC) designed for overhead distribution lines have all conductors made of aluminum 1350 and insulated with XLPE/PE/PVC. Phase and neutral cores are laid up in a bundle with a left-hand lay. It also Can be used for fixed installation as overhead power lines up to 1000 V.

Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC cable) is a very innovative concept for overhead power distribution as compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead distribution system.   It provides higher level of safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost.   Hybird Resources LV Aerial Bundle Cables designed to supply 600/1000 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites, as a service drop (power pole to service entrance), as a secondary cable (pole to pole) or street lighting. This over-head cable provides   reinforced insulation acc. IEC 61140 and fulfill therefore Class II acc. IEC 61140. It is not   flame retardant. But this could be if requested change to a flame retardant cable.

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Standards

GB/T 12527-2008, IEC 60502-1, NF C 33-209, BS 7870-5,HD 626 S1,AS/NZS 3560.1,

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Construction

LV Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Construction

Insulation Extruded XLPE/PE/PVC
Phase Conductor Type AAC – All Aluminium Conductor
Messenger Aluminium alloy

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Technical Data

Rated voltage kV 0.6/1
Test voltage Veff kV 4
Laying temperature °C min. -20
Operating temperature °C -30 ~ +80
Conductor temperature °C max. +80
Short-circuit temperature °C/s max. +130 /5
Bending radius (min.) 18 × ø of cable

Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC Specification

LV Aerial Bundled Conductor ABC

Number of Cores*

Nominal Cross Section

Overall Diameter Weight Min.Breaking




No.×mm² mm Kg/Km KN A
2×16 RM 15 140 4.4 78
2×25 RM 17.6 210 7 105
2×35 RM 19.6 270 9.8 125
2×50 RM 22.8 370 11.4 150
2×95 RM 30.6 680 15.3 230
3×25 RM 19 310 8.8 97
3×35 RM 21.1 410 9.8 120
3×50 RM 24.6 550 11.4 140
4×16 RM 18.1 290 8.8 74
4×25 RM 21.2 410 14 97
4×35 RM 23.7 550 19.6 120
4×50 RM 27.5 740 28 140
4×70 RM 31.9 1000 39.2 175
4×95 RM 36.9 1370 53.2 215
4×120 RM 40.6 1690 67.2 250
4×150 RM 43.9 2020 84 280

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