Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire


This product can be used as earthing pole for electrical power industry.Much cost can be saved by using this newly-developed product for grounding.It is really the best choice for grounding system.

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire Introduction

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire (electrode) is a bimetallic composite material, two copper and steel metal processing of the ground material through an electroplating process of new, low-carbon steel as the steel core (reference UL467, BS6651 and BS7430 standards ), by the principle of an electrode, a purity of 99.99% copper ions are uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the steel core.

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire has both a high strength steel,low resistivity and a constant high magnetic properties, and good electrical conductivity of copper and excellent corrosion resistance.

Copper clad steel stranded wire (electrode) through a combination of copper and steel polymer is an excellent combination of electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Having a copper layer thickness, with strong, low cost, easy construction, etc., is currently the best grounding material.

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire Application

  • Inner conductor of terminal CATV coaxial cable
  • Conductive cord of user communication cable for double conductor telephones .
  • Plug-ins for electronic components .
  • Conductive cord of field wires .
  • Overhead system for power transmission and telephone lines .
  • Overhead-contact systems for railway and Light Rail Transit .
  • Braided shield wire of power cable .
  • Earthing pole for electrical power industry .

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire Advantage

Anti-corrosion. As the copper-coated steel wire has a steel core with a uniform copper coating,it is highly resistant to corrosion in air. If the wire is of large diameter and is used as aerial line,bare wire can be used without PVC covered.

Small signal transmission decay. There is skin effect in the transmission of high frequency communication signal. The electric signal is transmission signal. The electric signal is transmitted in the outer copper layer. The transmission decay of copper-coated steel wire is as small as pure copper wire. 50% to 70% copper can be saved using copper-coated steel wire instead of pure copper wire.

High strength and low density. Since the steel core can enhance the strength of copper-coated steel wire,and the density of steel is lower than that of copper,the size of suspension steel wire can be reduced by using copper-coated steel wire as aerial line.

1, A unique manufacturing process: electroplating process, the perfect combination of copper and steel.

2, look more beautiful: all-inclusive copper technology (patented), compared to market similar products, look more beautiful, comparable with copper.

3, anti-corrosion and electrical conductivity better: Since the current skin effect and the unique anti-corrosion properties of copper in the conductor, so the electrical conductivity, corrosion rate than other ground products.

4, easy to install, simple construction, can be manual or mechanical construction, low cost.

5, the most one-sided copper layer thickness can reach 0.5mm; single-sided copper layer of conventional products is 0.25mm, the service life of over 40 years.

6, high strength, suitable for deep drilling, thus easily driven into the ground, copper is not broken, do not fall off, in order to meet the requirements of low resistance for special occasions.

7, with a special screw connectors, closer, better combination.

Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire Specification

Cross-section area( mm2) Single Wire Diameter( mm ) Nos Outer Diameter( mm ) Reference Weight( kg/km )
16 1.70 7 5.10 130
25 2.12 7 6.36 200
35 2.52 7 7.50 280
50 3.00 7 9.00 410
70 3.50 7 10.60 590
95 2.52 19 12.60 780
120 2.80 19 14.00 980
150 3.15 19 15.80 1230
185 3.50 19 17.50 1520
240 4.00 19 20.00 1970
300 3.15 37 23.50 2460
400 3.70 37 3280

It can be divided into six types in accordance with the conductivity,

15% CCS, 18% CCS, 21% CCS, 25% CCS and 40% CCS.

Note: This is just part of the standard parameters of our products. Please contact our Engineer if you need more. And the information contained within this webpage is for guidance only and is subject to change without notice or liability. All the information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. When selecting cable accessories, please note that actual cable dimensions may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.


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