Shipboard CAN Bus Cable 120Ohms

Shipboard CAN BUS Cable is used in the shipboard CAN field bus system. Suitable for indoor or outdoor duct casing fixed or mobile installation

Shipboard CAN Bus Cable 120Ohms

Shipboard CAN Bus Cable Application

The Shipboard CAN BUS Cable is dedicated to the shipbuilding industry.

Shipboard 120Ohms CAN Bus Cable Standards

IEC 60092-350/351/352/353/359/370 /376
IEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60332-3-22
IEC 60754-1/2
IEC 61034

Shipboard CAN Bus Cable Construction


Conductors Stranded tinned copper 21AWG.
Insulation Foam skin PP.
Inner Sheath Thermoplastic copolymer (FRNC).
Overall Screen1 Aluminium/polyester tape.
Overall Screen2 Tinned copper braid.
Outer Sheath LSOH (SHF1).
Core Identification Pair 1: Blue, Red
Pair 2: Brown, Green

Shipboard 120Ohms CAN Bus Cable Electrical Characteristics

Characteristic Impedance Ω 120 ± 18
Mutual Capacitance @1KHz nF/km 36
Insulation Resistance GΩ.km 5
1 pair 2 pair
Attenuation @0.1MHz dB/100m 0.65 0.3
Attenuation @1MHz dB/100m 1.9 1.1
Attenuation @5MHz dB/100m 4.3 2.8
Attenuation @10MHz dB/100m 8.1 3.9
Attenuation @20MHz dB/100m 10.5 5.7

Shipboard 120Ohms CAN Bus Cable Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Bending Radius for Fixed Installations 10×OD
Temperature Range -30℃ ~ +80℃

Shipboard 120Ohms CAN Bus Cable Dimensions and Weight

Construction No. of elements×No. of cores in element×Cross section(mm²) Core Diameter mm Nominal Overall Diameter mm Nominal Weight kg/km
1×2×21 AWG 2.4 7.7 79
2×2×21 AWG 2.2 8.4 90

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