Profibus PA Flexible Bus Cable

Profibus PA cables are designed for field networks requiring fast, cyclic data exchange between controllers and field devices. This cable is usually reffered as siemens profibus

Profibus PA Flexible Bus Cable

Profibus PA Bus Flexible Cable Application

PROFIBUS represents one of, if not the number one, the largest installed bases of fieldbus systems in the world. Using shielded twisted pair constructions, the two main application-specific profiles are Profibus PA, which optimized for discrete factory automation, and PROFIBUS PA, which optimized for process automation.

Profibus-PA was designed as a substitute for HART and 4 to 20mA signal transmission in the process industries. It uses function blocks designed around process industry requirements and uses the IEC 61158-2 physical layer, making it compatible with intrinsic safety circuits.

Profibus-PA links to the control architecture via Profibus-DP with a segment coupler or link as shown. Segment couplers are signal converters that adapt the RS-485 signals to the 61158-2 signal level. They are transparent from the bus protocol point of view. If segment couplers are used, the baud rate on the DP (RS-485) segment must be restricted to 45 Kbits/sec. The segment coupler also injects power into the PA network for the segment instrumentation.

This Profibus PA line is used in the area of process automation, among other things in the chemical industry. This cable is an economical solution for the cell and field area. For the information exchange between different automation systems as well as for communication with the connected decentralized field units, serial field bus systems are used. The types mentioned here are suitable for ex and not-ex installation and are equipped with a special PVC-jacket.

Profibus PA Bus Flexible Cable Construction

Profibus PA Bus Flexible Cable Construction


Cable Construction 1x2x1.6/3.2 mm
Inner Conductor Diameter 1 Copper, bare (AWG 16/7)
Conductor Insulation PE
Conductor Colors red, green
Stranding Element 2 conductors + 2 fillers stranded together
Shielding 1 Polyester foil over stranded bundle
Shielding 2 Polyester foil, aluminum-lined
Total Shielding Copper braid, tinned
Outer Jacket Material PVC
Outer Diameter 7.6 mm ± 0.2 mm
Outer Jacket Color Blue/Black

Profibus PA Bus Flexible Cable Electrical Data

Characteristic Impedance @ 31.25 KHz 100 Ω ± 20 Ω
Conductor Resistance 24.0 Ohm/km max.
Insulation Resistance 1.00 GOhm x km min.
Mutual Capacitance@1KHz 60.0 nF/km nom.
Working Voltage 300 V
Test Voltage 1.0 KV
Attenuation: 39KHz < 2.7dB/km

Profibus PA Flexible Bus Cable Technical Data:

Weight approximately 76.0 kg/km
Min. Bending Radius (Laying) 18 x OD mm
Operating Temp.Range, min. – 20 °C
Operating Temp.Range, max. +70 °C


conductor stranding: solid = 1x 1.05mm diameter
flexible = 7x 0.25mm diameter
bend radius: flexible versions = 10x overall diameter (O/D)
hi-flex versions = 15x O/D
operating voltage: solid = 100V, flexible & hi-flex = 300V
impedance: 100 Ohms (±20Ω) @ 31.25 kHz
temperature range: -40°C to +80°C operating (standard PVC versions)
core identification: coloured red & green

Profibus PA Flexible Bus Cable Specification

AWG Size No. of Cond. Conductor


Approx Weight
No. of Pairs Nom. O.D

. of Cable (mm)

18 2 7/26 50.75 6.43
22 2 7/30 65.9 2 8.00

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