Flat Reeling Cable Reel-Flex-F 0.6/1KV

The cables are suitable for movable facilities such as movable cranes for container, lifts,movable bigger facilities, grab dredgers and Hoisting gear, Pendants and Material handling equipment

Flat Reeling Cable Reel-Flex-F  0.6/1KV

Reel-Flex-F Low Voltage Reeling Cable 0.6/1KV Application

The Flat reeling cable is constructed with a reinforced neoprene jacket and is designed for use wherever cable operation requires frequent reeling and unreeling on pulleys,drums or rollers under tensile load. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors in wet or dry conditions.

Flat Reeling Cable Reel-Flex-F  0.6/1KV Construction

Reel-Flex-F Construction Diagram

Conductor(1) Finely stranded copper wire,Class 5/6 IEC 60228
Insulation(2) EPR,According to DIN VDE0207 Part20
Jacket(3) Neoprene(PCP),According to DIN VDE0207 Part21

Reel-Flex-F Low Voltage Flat Reeling Cable 0.6/1KV Technical Data

Rated voltage Uo/U 600/1000V
Test voltage 3500V/5Min AC
minimum bending radius mobile :10D; fixed : 5D (D – diameter or height of cable)
minimum temperature during installation – 5 °C
temperature of environment mobile: – 35 °C to +90 °C; fixed: -40 °C to +90 °C
max. conductor temperature at short circuit for 5 s 250°C
maximum conductor temperature +90°C
flame test flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1


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