ACR Copper tube

ACR Copper Tube Application Overview

ACR Straight Tube is mainly used for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

ACR Straight Tube is usually supplied in the hard and half hard temper, annealed temper is also available if requested.

ACR Copper tube

ACR Copper tube Application

ACR Copper tube is used for air conditioners, central air conditioning, and refrigeration purpose. The production standard is ASTM B280 standard, EN 12735-1 standard, and AS 1571 standard. Our ACR copper tube is with RoHS certificate, CE certificate, and produced in ISO 9001 management system. The ACR copper tube each end-capped or plugged with a yellow cap or blue plug to keep dry and clean inside. Blue code marking for straight ACR copper tube to identify its ACR usage.

ACR Copper Tube is designated by the tube’s actual OD. It is used to hold various refrigerant mediums that make Air Conditioning possible in conjunction with refrigerant compressors and the rapid heat transfer rate made possible by the excellent heat conductivity of copper. Because internal pressures play a key role in ACR applications, working pressures recommended by the Copper Development Association in conjunction with the ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials).

Note: the same outside diameter with different wall thickness also available.


ASTM B280, JIS H3300, AS/NZS 1571


Each piece end-capped, Bundled with a plastic bag; then put in the wooden box or container.

ACR Copper tube Product code:

Product Code Description
HTCBR1270 STRAIGHT 1/2″ HDx20′
HTCBR1588 STRAIGHT 5/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR1905 STRAIGHT 3/4″ HDx20′
HTCBR2223 STRAIGHT 7/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR2858 STRAIGHT 1-1/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR3493 STRAIGHT 1-3/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR4128 STRAIGHT 1-5/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR5398 STRAIGHT 2-1/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR6668 STRAIGHT 2-5/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR7938 STRAIGHT 3-1/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR9208 STRAIGHT 3-5/8″ HDx20′
HTCBR10478 STRAIGHT 4-1/8″ HDx20′

ACR copper tube Specification

Size inch
Outside diameter mm Wall thickness mm
3/8 9.52 0.76
1/2 12.7 0.889
5/8 15.88 1.02
3/4 19.05 1.07
7/8 22.23 1.14
1 1/8 28.58 1.27
1 3/8 34.93 1.40
1 5/8 41.28 1.52
2 1/8 54.0 1.78
2 5/8 66.7 2.03
3 1/8 79.4 2.29
3 5/8 92.1 2.54
4 1/8 105 2.79

ACR copper tube Chemical and mechanical property

Copper Alloy No. Chemical Composition Temper Mechanical Properties
CU% P% Tensile strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) Grain Size (mm)
C12200 99.9 0.015-0.040 H58 250
O60 205 ≥40%

Note: This is just part of the standard parameters of our products. Please contact our Engineer if you need more. And the information contained within this webpage is for guidance only and is subject to change without notice or liability. All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary. All the information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication.


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