Insulated Copper Pair Coil

Used for Split System Air Conditioners General Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installations

Insulated Copper Pair Coil

Insulated Copper Pair Coil APPLICATION

Insulated Copper Pair Coil consists of a seamless refrigeration copper tube with a heat insulating sheath providing a superior ideal for rapid, cost effective split air-conditioning installations.

The insulation is a double layered structure made of cross linked foam polyethylene with closed cells.And the insulation tube is extruded to ensure close tube contact to enhance dew point proofing properties. The insulation is covered with embossed polyethylene film to prevent the foam creasing. The insulation tube is good for Anti-UV, heat resistance, low water absorption. Insulated copper tube is mainly used for Installation of Air Conditioner, available in standard with lengths of 3-30m.

Insulated Copper Pair Coil Advantage:

1. CE certificate, RoHS certificate and ISO 9001 management system assure superior quality
2. Professional copper tube manufacturer, fast production and delivery
3. 100% pure copper:
4. Cross linked irradiated polythene (XLPE) foam insulation tube, UV resistant and anti-aging
Three-layer irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam insulation tubes maximize energy efficiency by minimizing energy transfer. The outer layer is UV resistant and anti-aging embossed film. The middle layer is irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE foam). And the inner layer is polyethylene foam (PE foam).
5. Flammability quality HF-2 according to UL 94 standard

Insulated Copper Pair Coil Features:

Easily fits through tight spaces without damaging insulation
Convenient 20m coils
Now marked in 1 metre increments
Tube insulation is manufactured from cross-linked, foamed, closed cell polyethylene film
The exterior embossed polyethylene film contains additive to improve UV protection
Insulation is heat resistant to 120ºC
All sizes are suitable for R410A and other high pressure refrigerants – identifiable by pink end caps

Insulated Copper Pair Coil Standard:

ASTM B280 standard, AS 1571 standard and EN 12735 standard.

Temper: O60 or O50

Insulated Copper Pair Coil Package:

individually sealed by plastic bag, and packed by carton box of 1-2 rolls

 Insulated Copper Pair Coil Specification

HTCE635-952 Insulated Pair Coil 1/4″+ 3/8″x30m, soft annealed
HTCE635-127 Insulated Pair Coil 1/4″+ 1/2″ x30m, soft annealed
HTCE635-1588 Insulated Pair Coil 1/4″+ 5/8″ x30m soft annealed
HTCE952-127 Insulated Pair Coil 3/8″+ 1/2″ x30m, soft annealed
HTCE952-1588 Insulated Pair Coil 3/8″+ 5/8″ x30m, soft annealed
HTCE952-1905 Insulated Pair Coil 3/8″+ 3/4″ x30m, soft annealed
HTCE127-1905 Insulated Pair Coil 1/2″+ 3/4″ x30m, soft annealed
HTCE635 Insulated Single Coil 1/4″x30m, soft annealed
HTCE952 Insulated Single Coil 3/8″x30m, soft annealed
HTCE127 Insulated Single Coil 1/2″x30m, soft annealed
HTCE1588 Insulated Single Coil 5/8″x30m, soft annealed
HTCE1905 Insulated Single Coil 3/4″x30m, soft annealed

Insulated Copper Pair Coil Chemical and mechanical property

copper alloy No. chemical composition temper mechanical property
copper, % min, Phosphorus % tensile strength Elongation %
C12200 99.9 0.015-0.040 O60 ≥ 205 ≥ 40
C12200 99.9 0.015-0.040 O50 ≥ 245


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