Shipboard Switchboard Wire SYP JIS C3410

SYP type shipboard switchboard wire is used for Insulated wires for electric facilities inside ships mostly used in Korea and Japan.

Shipboard Switchboard Wire SYP JIS C3410

Shipboard Switchboard Wire JIS C3410 Application

Shipboard Switchboard Wire SYP is used as the wiring of Switchboards, Instrumentation and Control Systems, and electronic equipment, which also can be used in flexible earth for Mains and Sub-Mains in a fixed application.

This cable is intended for fixed wiring in switchboards, control panels, and other enclosures in shipboard and offshore platforms.

JIS C3410 Shipboard Switchboard Wire Construction

SYP Shipboard Switchboard Wire Construction

Conductor Finely stranded annealed tinned copper wire, class 5 according to IEC 60028
Insulation 85°C Cross-linked PE, 75°C (PVC) Flame Retardant, Low Smoke,

SYP JIS C3410 Applied Standards and Certifications


Design: JIS C3410,
Flame Retardant:IEC60332-1
IEC 60092-350
IEC 60092-353
IEC 60754-1/2
IEC 61034


SYP JIS C3410 Specification

Conductor Thick. of insulation Nom. overall dia. Tolerance Cable Weight
Size Construction O.D
mm² No./mm mm mm mm mm kg/km
0.75 24/0.20 1.13 1.2 3.8 0.4 21
1 32/0.20 1.27 1.2 3.9 0.4 24
1.5 30/0.25 1.58 1.2 4.2 0.4 30
2.5 49/0.25 2.02 1.2 4.7 0.4 41
4 55/0.30 2.57 1.2 5.2 0.4 60
6 82/0.30 3.14 1.2 5.8 0.4 80
10 80/0.40 4.13 1.2 6.8 0.4 125
16 7/18/0.40 5.88 1.3 8.7 0.4 195

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