Photovoltaic Wire UL4703 2000V

PV Wire UL4703 is used in Solar power applications that require 2,000 volt rating,Grounded interconnection in solar power systems,Ungrounded photovoltaic systems.

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Photovoltaic Wire UL4703 2000V

Photovoltaic Wire UL4703 2000V Application

These Photovoltaic Wire have superior environmental performance in terms of weather, heat and cold resistance, and are best suited for cabling in solar power generation systems.This cable is sunlight, ozone, UV, and moisture resistant. Photovoltaic Wire (PV Wire) may be used as wiring for solar panels, as the interconnection wiring of grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems.

Type Photovoltaic copper conductors are suitable for outdoor rooftop applications without conduit and for use in conduits and raceways installed underground in conduit in wet locations, and where condensation and moisture accumulations within the conduit do not exceed 90ºC. Applications requiring direct burial is permitted for Type Photovoltaic per UL-854. Applications requiring type Photovoltaic conductor, temperatures shall not exceed 90ºC in wet or dry locations.

PV cable is a critical component of the new era of renewable energy because its applications make harnessing solar energy possible. Its durability, resistance to weathering, and flexibility make it ideal for outdoor conditions and allow us to use the energy captured by solar panels in the same way that we use energy gathered from fossil fuels.

Electron-beam cross-linked compounds; UV,ozone and hydrolysis resistant; High temperature resistant,the materials do not metl or flow; Good cold flexibility; Very long service life>25 years at 90℃; Compatible to all popular connectors

Photovoltaic (PV) Wire UL4703 2000V Construction

Photovoltaic Wire UL4703 2000V

Conductor material: Stranded bare copper conductor per ASTM B-3, B-8.
Insulation: Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) to UL854
Sheath: Black, Green, White, Red. Print on one side with a contrasting ink. An extruded stripe and other colors are available upon request.

Photovoltaic (PV) Wire UL4703 2000V Technical Data

Rated Voltage U DC 2000V
Rated Temperature -40°C to 90°C Wet
-40°C to 105°C Dry
Flame retardant UL’s VW-1 (Vertical Wire) Flame Test.

Photovoltaic (PV) Wire UL4703 2000V Specification

Cross Section Conductor Constuction Conductor Cross-section Conductor Max. Resistance AT 20℃
AWG (n/mm) (mm2) (Ω/km)
18 16/0.254 0.823 23.2
16 26/0.254 1.31 14.6
14 41/0.254 2.08 8.96
12 65/0.254 3.31 5.64
10 65/0.32 5.26 3.546
8 105/0.32 8.37 2.23