CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V

CV 600V is used as power supply for solar photovoltaic systems.

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CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V

CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V Application

These CV cables have superior environmental performance in terms of weather, heat and cold resistance, and are best suited for cabling in solar power generation systems. This cable is sunlight, ozone, UV, and moisture resistant. Photovoltaic Wire (PV Wire) may be used as wiring for solar panels, as the interconnection wiring of grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems.

Electron-beam cross-linked compounds; UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant; High temperature resistant, the materials do not melt or flow; Good cold flexibility; Very long expected service life span of more than 25 years at 90℃; Excellent weather-resistant, cold-resistant, flexible, heat-resistant and oil-proof properties Compatible to all popular connectors, PSE Certified

CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V Construction

PV-CQ DC1500V JCS 4517 Solar Wire Construction

Conductor material: Stranded bare copper or tinned copper, electrical Property & Structure in accordance with JIS C 3102 and JIS C 3152 flexible conductor
Insulation: LSZH electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin copolymer, ROHS material
Sheath: Lead-free PVC, Sheath color: Black, White

CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V Technical Data

Rated Voltage U 600V
Test Voltage U No breakdown at 1.5KA (AC), 50Hz, 5min, 20 ±5 ℃
Bending Radius Fixed installation>4D; Occasionally moved>5D
Rated Temperature +90℃
Mineral Oil Immersion JIS C 3605
Impact at low temperature JIS C 3605
Flame retardance: The flame shall go out spontaneously within 60s
Smoke density JIS C3605

CV PSE Certified PV Wire 600V Specification

Cross Section



Stranded OD.(mm)

Cable OD.(mm) Conductor Max.

Resistance @20℃





Test Voltage
2.0 7/0.60 1.80 6.4 9.24 2500 1500
3.5 7/0.80 2.40 7.0 5.20 2500 1500
5.5 7/1.00 3.00 8.0 3.33 2500 1500
8.0 7/1.20 3.60 8.6 2.31 2000 1500

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