N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV

Application Overview
These power and control armored cables are designed for open air installation, for direct burrial underground, in water, in cable ducts, power stations, for industry and distribution boards or subscriber networks, where mechanical damages to the cable may occur.

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N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV

N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV Application and Description

N2XRY is used for indoor, ourdoor and underground installation in ducts and in the open where better mechanical protection is required, or for higher tensile stress during installation and operation. Suitable for comparatively high ambient temperature due to high maximum permissible conductor temperature.

N2XRY is intended for power distribution of industrial applications and switching systems, power stations, residental connections and street lighting, as well as control cables for transmitting control pulses and measurements. Wherever increased electrical and mechanical protection are required. For installation in underground, in water, outdoors, in concrete and cable ducts. Respecting the permissible operating temperature at the conductor of +90 °C permits a higher current carrying capacity than PVC insulated power distribution cables. The concentric conductor (C) can be used as a PE or PEN-conductor or as a screen

N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV Construction

Conductor – Solid or stranded, plain copper conductor
– to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 1 or cl. 2, BS 6360 cl. 1 or cl. 2 and IEC 60228 cl. 1 or cl. 2
Insulation – Cross-linked polyethylene 2XI1 acc. to VDE 0276-604– Color coded to DIN VDE 0293(HD 308)
Filler – PVC filler
Armor – Galvanized round steel / aluminum wire armour
Sheath – PVC outer jacket DMV5 to HD 603.1

N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV Technical Characteristics

Working voltage 600/1000 volts
Test voltage 3500 volts
Minimum bending radius 15 x Ø
Flexing temperature -5º C to +70º C
Fixed installation temperature – 30º C to +70º C
Short circuit temperature +250º C
Flame retardant IEC 60332-1
Insulation resistance >20 MΩ x km

N2XRY -J -O XLPE Armor PVC Power Cable 0.6/1KV Specification

Nominal cross


Overall diameter


Net weight


Conductor DC


at 20C max.

mm2 mm kg/km ohm/km
3×1.5 14.5 370 12.1
3×2.5 15.5 440 1.41
3×4 16.5 510 4.61
3×6 17.5 610 3.08
3×10 19.5 790 1.83
3×16 23 1100 1.15
4×1.5 15.5 410 12.1
4×2.5 16.5 490 7.41
4×4 17.5 590 4.61
4×6 18.5 710 3.08
4×10 21 930 1.83
4×16 24 1430 1.15

Additional information


IEC 60502, VDE 0276


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