High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable

This High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable is intended for Electric Vehicle battery high voltage system,flexible and easy to bend and install.Material comply with ROHS&REACH.

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable Application

This High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable is intended for Electric Vehicle battery high voltage system, flexible and easy to bend. This High Voltage electric vehicle Unscreened cable is used for connecting the charging port and the battery, battery inter wiring, the battery, and the engine and other electrical components to carry the electric current power. this type of high voltage electric vehicle Unscreened cable can meet the very high performance for the harsh environment requirements inside the car.

The Unscreened EV cable is high and low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, wear-resisting, anti-cracking, anti UV, good flame retardant performance, good electrical conductivity, and all the materials comply with ROHS&REACH the latest standards.

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable Construction

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable Construction


Conductor Annealed Soft Stranded Copper wire
Insulation 125℃~150℃ Thermosetting elastomers/150℃ TPE

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable Technical Data

Min. bending radius 5OD,Easy to bend and install
oil resistance, gasoline, diesel oil, and engine oil Good
Max.Working temperature ISO6722 Class C:125℃,Class D:150℃
low-temperature toughness Excellent ,ISO6722,GB/T25085
Working Temperature -40°C~125°C、-40°C~150°C
Rated Voltage 600V 1000V 1500V

High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable Specification

Cable Size Nominal Out Diameter Reference Current DC Conductor Resistance at 20℃ Temperature Sheath Color
mm2 mm Amp Ω/km Orange
2.5 3.5 30 7.6 -40~125/150 Orange
4 4.6 40 4.71 -40~125/150 Orange
6 5.1 52 3.14 -40~125/150 Orange
10 6.7 75 1.82 -40~125/150 Orange
16 8 100 1.16 -40~125/150 Orange
25 9.8 125 0.74 -40~125/150 Orange
35 11.4 165 0.53 -40~125/150 Orange
50 13.5 215 0.37 -40~125/150 Orange
70 17 260 0.26 -40~125/150 Orange
95 19.3 320 0.2 -40~125/150 Orange
120 22 370 0.15 -40~125/150 Orange

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