CuSn10 Phosphor Bronze welding wire


Recommended for the welding of copper with Cu-Sn alloy. Best for the butt joining welding of brass with steel. Pre-heat suggested for the large size products, and pulsed argon arc welding is recommended for multi-layer hard facing on steel.

CuSn10 Phosphor Bronze welding wire

CuSn10 Phosphor Bronze welding wire APPLICATION

CuSn10 is intended for build-up welding on cast iron, particularly suitable for welding deep drawing sheets like body sheets. This wire filler material’s good flow characteristics allow it to be used for closing large welding gaps, especially highly recommended for furnace brazing.

Copper tin alloys for example bronze with 10-12% Sn, copper-zinc alloys, copper-tin zinc-lead alloys, cast alloys for example red bronze (Rg5; Rg7). Weld surfacing on cast iron. Particularly suitable for welding of deep drawing sheet steel (e.g. body sheets). Owing to its good flowing properties, this filler metal covers wide grooves. Particularly suitable for oven soldering.

Pulsed arc welding is recommended. Preheating of the base material is usually not required. Pulsed argon arc welding is recommended for multilayer hard facing on steel.

CuSn10 Phosphor Bronze welding wire Physical and Mechanical Properties

Solids-Temperature 887℃
Density 8.7kg/dm³
Elongation 14%
Liquids-Temperature 1020℃
Tensile Strength 290N/mm²
Brinell Hardness 115HB

CuSn10 Phosphor Bronze welding wire CHEMICAL COMPOSITE(%)

Standard ISO24373 GB/T9460 BS EN14640
Class Cu5211 SCu5211 Cu5211
Alloy CuSn10MnSi CuSn10MnSi CuSn10
Cu bal. bal. bal.
Al 0.01 max 0.01
Fe 0.1 max0.1
Mn 0.1-0.5 0.1-0.5 0.2-0.35
P 0.1 max 0.1
Pb 0.02 max 0.02
Si 0.1-0.5 0.1-0.5 0.2-0.3
Sn 9.0-10 9.0-10 9.0-10
Zn 0.1 max 0.1
Other 0.5 max 0.5 0.5



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