Vertical Reeling Cable (N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage


(N)SHTEOU reinforced heavy-duty cable is used in applications under heavy mechanical stress like hoists,conveyors,cranes,drum and drag cables,hawsers,and other building machinery.

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable Application

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable is mainly be used as a connection cable for reeling purposes for very high mechanical loads on movable appliances, mobile line carriers, cable carriages as well as for vertical drum operation. It is also applicable for the scope of DIN VDE 0168 and 0118, for underground and open-cast mines.

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable is a robust and all weather resistant cable also found in rough mining operations, flexible handling equipment and in railway motors. These cables are suitable for outdoor installations in dry, damp or wet places. Ozone and UV resistant.

A flexible reeling cable for very high stresses and vertical reeling operation (spreader application) ideal for mining, ports inside and out and other applications where movement and reeling is required.

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable Construction

NSHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable Construction

Conductor: Class 5 or 6 – flexible tinned copper,According to VDE 0295
Earth Conductor: Green/yellow
Core Insulation: Rubber
Shield Braid screen made of tinned copper wires,at least 60%: for shielded cores,at least 80%: for twisted pairs
Cores: Laid­ up in a maximum of 3 layers
Core Marking: Up to 5 cores: colour coded in accordance to VDE 0293,7 cores and over: black with printed consecutive number coding
Support element Central Aramide support element to increase the loading capability, the kN value designates the breaking load of the support element
Outer Sheath: – PROTOFIRM: inner sheath
high grade special compound based on PCP,colour: yellow
– Anti-­torsion braid
Reinforced braid made of polyester threads, in a vulcanized bond between the sheath.Resulting in a high strength of the sheath system.
– PROTOFIRM special: outer sheath
high grade special compound with best performance against abrasion and top tear resistant characteristics; based on PCP,colour: yellow

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable Technical Data

Nominal voltage Uo/U:0.6/1 kV
Maximum operating voltage in AC systems Um:1.2KV
Maximum operating voltage in DC systems Vm:1.8KV
Test voltage:
– Power 2.5 kV in AC
– Control 2.0 kV in AC
Current rating (A) according to DIN VDE 0298 part 4,
Max. temperature at the conductor :
– in service + 90 °C
– under short-circuit conditions + 200 °C
Max. surface temperature :
– fixed installation – 45 °C up to + 80 °C
– mobile operation – 35 °C up to + 80 °C

(N)SHTOEU-V EPR PCP Low Voltage Vertical Reeling Cable Specification

No. of Core and Nominal Cross Section Main conductor Diam.(mm) Min Overall Diam or cable(mm) Max.Overall Diam of Cable(mm) Approx net weight (kg/km) Max. permissible tensile load(N)
CORDAFLEX (SMK)­V (N)SHTOEU control cables
49×1 (20kN) 1.3 26.6 29.6 1260 3200
24×2,5 (20kN) 2 26.2 29.2 1340 3600
30×2,5 (20kN) 2 29.4 32.4 1680 4100
44×2,5 (20kN) 2 34.1 37.1 2280 5100
56×2,5 (20kN) 2 40.1 43.1 3030 6000
CORDAFLEX (SMK)­V (N)SHTOEU composite control cables
42×12 AWG+3LWL(20 kN) 2 38.7 41.7 2940 4950
45×2,5+(4×0,5)C 2 42.9 45.9 2830 5175


  • Further numbers of cores and cross-section upon request
  • Integrated BUS system cable
  • Integrated Optical Fiber Elements
  • Special cold resistant compound.
  • Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.