H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable


Welding cable suitable for connecting cable between the hand electrode and the welding apparatus. Suitable for flexible use under adverse conditions such as automobile and ship manufacturing conveyors welding robots assembly lines etc.

H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable

H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable Application

H01N2-D -E cables are used as a connection between the welding generator, the hand-electrode, and the workpiece. These cables are used in the automobile industry, shipbuilding, transport and conveyor systems, tool making machinery, welding robots, etc.

These cables retain their high flexibility even under the influence of ozone, light, oxygen, protective gases, oil and petrol. Robust cable structure of these cables makes them resistant to low and high temperatures, fire, ozone and radiation, oils, acids, fats, and patrols. These cables are also ideal for outside installation in dry, moist and wet areas.

Its flexibility makes using the welding tool easier and also prevents knots from forming in the cable that could cause the internal conductor to break. It can also be used in automatic welding and machine tools, conveyor systems, and production or assembly lines, for example in automobile assembly lines.

H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable Construction

Conductor: Plain copper conductors Class 5 VDE0295/IEC 60228
Separator: Polyester foil or tape
Outer Sheath: Neoprene black

H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable Technical Data

Voltage: Working:
Temperature Range: Flexing:
-25°C to + 80°C
-40°C to +80°C
Bending Radius: H01N2-D: 12 x Ø
H01N2-E: 10 x Ø

H01N2-D -E NSKFFÖU PCP Welding Cable Specification

Number of cores and
cross-section mm2
Outer diameter ca. mm
Max O.D.
Copper weight kg/100m Weight kg/100m


10.00 10.0 9.60 14.00
16.00 11.5 15.40 21.00
25.00 13.0 24.00 30.00
35.00 14.50 33.60 41.00
50.00 17.0 48.00 56.00
70.00 19.0 67.20 79.00
95.00 21.5 91.20 105
120.00 24.0 115.20 130.00
150.00 26.0 144.00 163.00
185.00 29.0 177.60 191.60

H01N2 -E with extremely high flexibility

10.00 8.40 9.60 11.90
16.00 9.50 15.40 18.10
25.00 11.00 24.00 27.00
35.00 12.50 33.60 36.30
50.00 15.00 48.00 52.80
70.00 17.00 67.20 71.60
95.00 19.50 91.20 101.20
120.00 21.50 115.20 109.00

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