YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V

YSLTOE is used as power feeder cable or control cable for load-lifting equipment, e.g. spreader with high
mechanical stress in gravity­fed collector basket operation.

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Application

YSLTOE Cable is mainly be used on the latest generations of high-speed container cranes with gravity-fed collector baskets. They combine the features of superior flexibility with additional ballast needed to operate at speeds of up to 160 meters/min (8.75 ft/sec).

YSLTOE Spreader Feeder cable is used for load ­lifting equipment, e.g. spreader with high mechanical stress in gravity fed collector basket operation. Installation of the cable must be laid into the basket in a counter ­clockwise direction – detailed instructions are available on request.

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable Construction

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300 500V DiagramYSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300 500V Diagram


Conductor: Bare Electrolytic copper, extremely fine stranded, class FS. DIN VDE 0295
Insulation: Basic material PVC
Insulation compound YI 2. DIN VDE 0295
Core identification: Black insulation with light­ printed numbers
Protective­ earth conductor – green/ yellow
Core assembly: Cores laid­ up into bundles
Bundle assembly: Bundles laid­ up around the central support element
Support element: Aramide threads woven round lead ball cords, arranged centrally. The breaking load is ratedto provide a safety factor of 5 when the cable is suspended vertically for 50 m.
Outer sheath: PU Compound 11YM1
Sheath Colour: Black

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Technical Data

Rated Voltage: Uo/U = 300/500 kV
AC Test Voltage: 2.0 kV, 5 min
Current Carrying Capacity: According to DIN VDE 0298, Part4
Ambient Temperature: Fully Flexible Operation : ­ 20 °C to + 60 °C
Fixed installation: -20 °C to + 60 °C
Max. operating temperature of the conductor: 70 °C
Max. permissible short ­circuit temperature of the conductor 150 °C
Tensile Load: Increased tensile load through additional support elements
Hoist Travel Speed: Up to 160 m/min
Basket design Dimensions depending on system
Weather resistance Unrestricted use outdoors and indoors, resistant to ozone,UV and moisture

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Specification

Number of cores and nominal cross-section Min.Overall Diameter of cable Max.Overall Diameter of cable Approx. net weight(kg/km)
24 x 2.5 28.1 31.1 1600
30 x 2.5 31.6 33.1 2010
36 x 2.5 35.1 36.5 2330
42 x 2.5 37.5 38.8 3020
48 x 2.5 42.3 43.3 3420
54 x 2.5 46.7 47.5 3460
20 x 3.5 30.3 33.3 2000
24 x 3.5 31.5 33 2060
30 x 3.5 34.9 37.9 2610
36 x 3.5 38.7 39.9 3300
42 x 3.5 43.4 44.4 4170


  • Further numbers of cores and cross-section upon request
  • Integrated BUS system cable
  • Integrated Optical Fiber Elements
  • Special cold resistant compound.
  • Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.